FAQ's for MA students
Q: What is the earliest age that a student could start a Driver Education Classroom program?

A: At the age of 15 years and 9 months.

Q: What is the earliest age that a student could obtain a Class D Learner's Permit?

A: Once they turn 16. A Learner's Permit is obtainmed at RMV offices only. There will be a testing fee and you will have to present appropriate identification ( such as your original Social Security Card ). For more information please visit the RMV's web-site at: http://www.mass.gov.rmv

Q: What is the earlisest age that a student could obtain a Class D Driver's License?

A: Once they turn 16 ½ and if they have all of the following criteria:
- A student must have had their Learner's Permit for 6 consecutive months without any infractions
- A student must have completed a full Driver Education Program.
- The RMV must have processed you Driver Education Certificate.
- A Parent has completed 40 hours of supervised driving with the student.
- A student must pass a driving test a the RMV.

Q: How much is your 30 hour classroom fee, if a student wants to complete
all his Behind the Wheel requiremnts with your School?

A: The fee is $175. ( Please call our office about Behind the Wheel pricing and our Parent classes ).

Q: How much is your 30 hour classroom fee, if a student wants to take all
his Behind the Wheel requirements with another Driving School?

A: The fee is $225.

Q: What is included in a Full Driver Education Program?

A: Massachusetts law requires that the program include:
-30 hours of classroom instruction.
-12 hours of Behind-the-wheel instruction.
- 6 hours of observing another students driver.
-A 2 hour Parent Class, which at least one parent has to attend.
( a Parent Class certificate is valid for 5 years )

All these requirements have to be completed before the RMV issues a Driver Education Certificate and before a License test can be scheduled

We strongly recommend that a student complete all these requirements at least 6 weeks before they are eligible for their license test if they desire to obtain their license at the age of 16 ½.

Q. When can the Parent Class be taken?

A: Labontes's Auto School recommends that a parent should complete this class before a student starts the Behind-the-wheel instructions due to all the important info that they will receive. Our Parent classes are offered once a month at each of our locations. Please check our class schedules for dates and times of upcoming Parent classes and call our main office (508-699-9390 ) to register.

Q. When do you offer your 30 hour classroom program?

A. Our Classroom programs are offered in many different ways in order to accommodate the busy lifestyles of today's teenagers. The programs offer great flexibility. Students could choose to either join one of our open enrollment programs, which are offered on weeknights and weekends, or sign up for our popular One-Week classes during School vacations weeks. For more information and pricing please call our main office ( 508-699-9390 ).

Q: When can a student start Behind-the-wheel instruction with your school?

A: The first appointment can be scheduled with our main office over the phone as long as a student has obtained their Learner's Permit and feels comfortable enough to start. Our school offers convenient pick-up and drop-off services for these appointments 7 days a week and for most towns. There are no long waiting periods to get started with these appointments. For more information and pricing please call ( 508-699-9390 ).

Q: How are your Behind-the-wheel appointments structured?

A: Students who want to obtain a Driver's Education Certificate have to complete 9 appointments to cover the required 12 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation. Each appointment is about 2 hours in length. 8 appointments will include 1 ½ hours of driving and ½ hour of observation. 1 out of the 9 appointments is only observation time. A payment is due during each of these appointments or you can pay in full at your first appointment. The payment for the observation appointment will be applied toward your driving instruction charges.

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