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FAQ's for RI students
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Professional Driver's Education
Association of Massachusetts
Q: What is the earliest age that the student could start a Driver Education Course?

A: At the age of 15 years and 10 months. We recommend that a student start the program as early as possible, if they want to get their permit at the age of 16.

Q: What is the earliest age that a student could obtain a Class D Learner's Permit?

A: Once they turn 16. A Rhode Island student must complete a 33 Hour Classroom Program before He/She could go to the RI DMV to obtain a Learner's Permit, if under the age of 18.

Q: What is the earliest age that a student could obtain a Class D Driver's License?

A: Once they turn 16 1/2 and if they have completed all of the following criteria:
- A student must have had their Learner's Permit for 6 consecutive months without any infractions.
- A Parent must complete 50 hours of supervised driving with the student
- A student must pass a Driving Test at the DMV.

Q: Does Labonte's Auto School offer the 33 Hour Classroom program that Rhode Island students need to complete before they can apply for their Permit?

A: YES. Labonte's Auto School has provided classroom services to MA&RI residents since 1971. We are approved to teach the 33 Hour Classroom course for RI students. Labonte's offers a wide and flexible variety of programs at all of its' locations. We offer flexible weeknight and weekend classes, which are open enrollment and we offer our very popular One-week Programs during School vacation weeks. For more information and pricing please call our main office ( 508-699-9390 ).

Q Are Behind-the-wheel instructions required for Rhode Island teenagers?

A: NO, but we recommend that you have your child take some professional Driving lessons with an approved Driving School. For one your child will learn many valuable driving skills and if he or she completes at least 6 hours of driving with a Driving School, they can qualify for a big insurance deductions with most insurance companies in Rhode Island.

Q. Does Labonte's Auto School offer any Behind-the-wheel instruction for Rhode Island students?

A: NO, but we recommend that you call a Driving School called "Drive Right Auto School", which is allowed to provide these services for Rhode Island residents. You can reach them at 1-877-833-6716.
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